Headless Linux Node

Setting up a Gala Soft Node on Ubuntu Linux (20.04)

This article will describe how to set up a Gala Games Soft Node on Ubuntu Linux.  It assumes that you have a valid Soft Node License, have a basic understanding of Linux or have knowledgeable resources at your disposal, and that you are responsible for your own servers security. We recommend this only for people who are familiar with Linux. If you run into something you do not understand, check in our Nodes channel in Discord at www.galagames.chat.  As this application requires minimal permissions, it is recommended to run the application under the context of a low privilege user.

To begin you will need the following:

-Ubuntu Linux VPS instance running Ubuntu 20.04 (In this example we will be using purchases from Vultr)

-You have PuTTy or choice of Terminal downloaded.

Creating a VPS on Vultr

  1. Within your Vultr account click on Products
  2. Then click on the + sign in the top right corner
  3. On the next page ensure Cloud Compute is selected
  4. Select whichever Server Location is closest to you
  5. Scroll down to Server Type and select Ubuntu 20.04 x64
  6. Select the Server Size, this can be any size of your choosing
    Note: The Gala Soft Node does NOT currently work with IPv6, please do not select an IPv6 only server, and that IPv6 is NOT enabled.  The below screenshots are from an IPv6 enabled server.
  7. Continue Scrolling down and enter in your Server Hostname and Server Label this can be anything you’d like it to be.
  8. At the bottom Click on Deploy Now.
  9. You will then be directed to the Products page where the Status will show as Installing once this changes to Running click on the ellipses menu and select Server Details.
  10. On the next page, it will show you everything required to login to your server. 

Installing The Soft Node

  1. Open up PuTTy and enter the IP address provided then click on Open.
  2. Type in the default login, in this case it is Root then hit Enter
  3. Then enter in your password, if you are using PuTTy you can copy the password and right click to auto paste the password in then hit Enter.
    NOTE: PuTTy will not provide feedback when typing your password. Enter the password and hit enter, if it is wrong it will say Access denied.
  4. As soon as you are logged in, it is best to run apt-get update -y to update your nodes libraries to the latest.
  5. Next we will download the node software package.  Type in: wget https://gala.games/softnode/gala_softnode_setup.sh and hit enter.
  6. Next we will apply permissions to the file. Type in: chmod u+x gala_softnode_setup.sh  and hit enter. 
  7. Next we will run the file and follow all prompts. Type in: ./gala_softnode_setup.sh

That is it! You should be good to go!