Getting gala




getting gala

There are many ways to get and use GALA within the Gala Games ecosystem. The central focus of Gala Games is…well…GAMES. However, we do know that people want to know how to get GALA to use in-game and to purchase items. 

there are THREE ways to get GALA!

Join the Ecosystem!

Gala Games is working to decentralize the billions of dollars spent annually on video game advertising by finding ways to get it into the hands of the people who deserve it most - the gamers. 

The best way to earn GALA, is to help grow the Gala Games Ecosystem by inviting your friends to come and play Gala Games. For doing this, you will receive points in the Daily Galapalooza, which can mean GALA, unique NFTs, and tons of other cool things. Plus, we are a lot of fun to hang out with too!

Own and
Operate a Node!

Gala Game Nodes help to secure the Gala Games network. As a node operator, you will receive points in "Daily Distribution," which are items and GALA which have been added to your treasure chest  and are awaiting minting. This is one of the best ways to support the Gala Games project!

How do I get a node?

To get a node, all you need to do is create an account, move GALA, ETH, or BAT to your account, and then use the in-app interface to complete the purchase!

GALA is listed on a variety of exchanges.

Want more info?

Gala Games Town Hall – Aug. 28th

Listen as the Founders of Gala Games discuss the future of gaming, Gala Games, and why blockchain is the way forward. 

Questions for this Town Hall meeting were drawn from our Discord!