Are you BRAVE Enough?


welcome adventurers!

You are here because you use Brave! Well done! Let us take a moment to introduce you to Gala Games! We know you are busy, so we will keep it VERY short.

For a limited time, you can buy Mirandus Deed and Shop NFTs using $BAT in the Gala Games store! Use this form to create an account!

Who are we?

TLDR: We are gamers who have created an ENTIRELY new way to game. Founded by Eric Schiermeyer (Co-Founder of Zynga), legendary game developers like Michael McCarthy, and with a rockstar team , Gala Games is the first attempt to give gaming back to YOU, the gamers.

Brave, which has been dedicated to giving your browsing back to you, is an ideal ally in our battle to give the internet back to YOU. 

YOU are one of 2.47 BILLION gamers around the world and we want to give YOU a part of the gaming ecosystem. Join the  Gala Games Revolution and help us change gaming together! Join Gala Games today!

How do Deeds and Buildings work?

If you haven’t yet, take a look at our original announcement about Mirandus, as it will give some context as to how the deeds themselves function. 


The Homestead

The outpost

The Farming Hamlet

The Ranching Hamlet

The village of the Farmer

The Village of the Baron


The Village of the Viscount


The Village of the Earl

The Town of the Marquess


The Town of the Duke

The Town of the Arch Duke


The Town of the Prince


The Citadels

Gala Games Town Hall – Aug. 28th

Listen as the Founders of Gala Games discuss the future of gaming, Gala Games, and why blockchain is the way forward. 

Questions for this Town Hall meeting were drawn from our Discord!