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Account Issues?

I have lost my recovery phrase and my encryption key. Is there anything anyone can do to help me?
Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to help you in this situation. Given that your phrase was created on your computer as you set up your account, there is no way we can see or decrypt it – only you hold that power. We are very serious about giving YOU control over your items, which means that we cannot take them away, even if we wanted to (which we don’t).
What is a Transfer Code?!?!

The Transfer Code is what is needed to “unlock” your address so that transfers can be made. If you have an account established before December 2020, this would have been known as the “Encryption Passcode.” However, we decided to change this name as it was too confusing to ask people to remember a “Password” and a “Passcode.”

I accidentally deleted my 2FA code. Can you help me?
At present, there is no way for us to reset or recover your 2FA code for you.
What is a Recovery Seed Phrase?
12-word backup phrase – also know as 12-words, “backup”, recovery phrase, mnemonic seed, “seed” – is a unique, randomly generated set of words, that are given to you when you create a wallet. The recovery phrase is used to derive, or generate, all the private keys, which are encrypted directly on your device.

Understanding the whole “only YOU have access to the funds and items stored within your wallet” part is REALLY important. The blockchain is NOT like a bank – if there is a problem or you forget your password, there is NOTHING that anyone can do about it. This is why it is VERY important that you manage your passwords, keys, and passphrases. If you lose them, there is NOTHING that Gala Games or anyone else can do to recover them for you.
I am trying to send GALA, but I can't!

There are several reasons you may be having trouble sending GALA or items from your GALA inventory. 

  • You may not have enough Ethereum in your inventory to fund the transaction. The Ethereum network requires “gas” to operate, and this is currently at an all-time high. 
  • You may have input your encryption password incorrectly. This will give you an “Incorrect Password” error.
  • Occasionally, users may have a hard time making a transmission due to Ethereum congestion. This will sometimes cause an error. If this occurs, try again in several hours or import your seed phrase to another wallet provider solution. 

Distribution Questions?

What is meant by the “Distribution?”

In the daily distribution, GALA and NFTs may be added to your Treasure Chest. These items and GALA do not exist on a blockchain when they are simply in your treasure chest, and you must mint them in order to write them to the blockchain. This “mint-on-demand” model enhances the decentralized nature of the network as it does not depend on any single entity to provide ETH gas fees for the whole network. In the long run, we will be transitioning to a multi-chain system, which will enable you to choose which chain you would like your NFTs to exist on. GALA itself will remain an ERC-20.

What is the current distribution point system?

There are several ways to earn points in the distribution system. 

  • Personally run a licensed node – 1 point (must run for at least six hours between 00:00 UTC and 23:59 UTC)
  • Team members run a licensed node – 0.1 point (team goes two levels deep and users must run their nodes for at least 6 hours between 00:00 UTC and 23:59 UTC)
  • A direct referral purchases a node – 10 points

These points are tallied up at the end of the day, and used to calculate the numbers for the Daily Distribution. 

Why didn’t I get distribution points for my referrals upgrading to Gala Gold?

Currently, there are no points in the Daily Distribution for referrals upgrading to Gala Gold.

Why didn’t I get distribution points for me/my referrals playing the game?

Currently, there are no points in the daily distribution for simply playing a game on the Gala Games network. 

Why didn’t I get my X points for Y action?

The most common reason that people do not get points for an action done by someone they referred is because they did not actually refer the person in question. Often, people will receive referral links from more than one person, or will go to a site and sign up on their own without using a link. In cases like that, there is no way for their account signup to be connected with any particular user.

Why do I have to pay ETH to mint my items?

One of the most factors in creating a truly decentralized project is putting choices in the hands of the network participants. Gala Games instituted a “mint-on-demand” model for distribution rewards because it would make it so that rewards were not dependent on ETH being supplied centrally in order for the network to function. This is a critical step towards total decentralization. 

You can read more about this transition here.

Questions about Gala Games?

What is the Gala Games vision?
Gala Games is a revolution in the games industry.  We are opening pandoras box.  It is our  goal to create a distributed network of players who own this gaming world.  What does that  mean to us?
  •  Own Your Content – The tight control of assets and game accounts has  stifled a lot of creative thinking.  We aspire to blow the doors wide open and  give players back the control they deserve.  If you win a magical sword in a  Gala Game, it is yours.  It is a verifiable asset on the blockchain you can  trade to another person or play with in-game.  We do not have the power to  take the sword away from you.  We can’t stop another company from making  a game where the sword is also in use.  We want to encourage the  possibilities in this space.
  •  Own the Roadmap – We want players to not only own their in-games items,  we want our Gala Games players to have a voice in our roadmap.  We want  to enlist them, via distributed voting mechanisms, to help determine what  games we should be developing and funding.  


Why games?
While there are many great uses for blockchain technology, we believe games to be the most exciting application.  The company is built on experienced game developers and players.  We know that billions of people on earth play games and share in our love for them.  As players ourselves, we just want this.  As developers, this is our area of expertise.

Once you play a game where you can FREELY own and trade your own content, would you play anything else?  We wouldn’t…
What is the timeline/roadmap for game developers to be able to start building games for the Gala gaming platform?

One of the beautiful facts about having a decentralized project is that anyone can integrate GALA into their project at any time, and promote directly to those who are interested in seeing it succeed. Game developers are free to integrate GALA into their projects, accept it in exchange for goods or services, or do anything else they would like with it. Those who hold GALA would then be able to use their GALA on the new platforms which have integrated it.

Due to the fact that GALA is a part of the Ethereum network, it can be readily integrated into any game. Any game or project can integrate GALA and NFT’s based on GALA at will. We believe in the scalability of the Ethereum network. However, in the event that it doesn’t scale as we would like it to, we are not opposed to pursuing multiple options. This may include launching our own blockchain or using a proven 3rd party solution. This is an evolving issue and will be revisited frequently as we continue to build towards a healthier and more efficient ecosystem.


What are the benefits of joining Gala Gold?

The first and most important benefit is that you get access to an active community of Gala Gamers who are as passionate about games as you are! The next major benefit is that the Gala Gold community is frequented by members of the Gala Games development team, which is always looking for ways to connect and learn from their players. While the VERY best way to influence the growth of the GALA ecosystem is to build something that uses GALA. However, if you want to inform the trajectory of development or the activities of Gala Games, the best option is to own a Game Node and participate in future trajectory setting votes. However, the second best is to join Gala Gold, where it is easier for your voice to be heard. 

How does the distribution work?
The distribution is how we award Gala Gamers for their activities which contribute to the Gala Network. Each day, people earn millions of GALA and 1000’s of items through referring friends or operating a Gala Game Node. The Town Star family is growing every day and we look forward to rewarding all of you for your efforts in the future.
Each year, BILLIONS is spent yearly on game advertising…and we see no reason some of it shouldn’t go to you. All you need to do is one or all of the following:
  • Buy and then operate a Gala Game Node
  • Convince a friend to buy a Gala Game Node
There are more ways coming soon, but one of our biggest referrers just spends five minutes a day on social media sharing his experience with Gala Games and Town Star, and he regularly places at the top of the distribution list. You could too!
Has anyone started putting anything together for players to be able to lease bots to other players?

Not yet, but this could be fairly easily done with a smart contract! There is nothing to prevent anyone from doing exactly this! This is the beauty of decentralization! 

Questions about the ERC-20 GALA?

What is GALA?
The native digital cryptographically-secured utility mark of the Gala Games ecosystem (GALA) is a transferable representation of attributed functions specified in the protocol/code of the Gala Games ecosystem, which is designed to play a major role in the functioning of the ecosystem on the Gala Games ecosystem and intended to be used solely as the primary utility token within the ecosystem. GALA powers the Gala Games Universe. This is an ecosystem that is designed to spread and grow around the Gala Games properties that are being created. The first game produced for the Gala Games Ecosystem, Town Star, is covered in more depth later.

GALA is currently based on the Ethereum blockchain and conforms to the ERC-20 standard. GALA is a non-refundable functional utility token which will be used as the medium of exchange between participants on the Gala Games ecosystem. The goal of introducing GALA is to provide a convenient and secure mode of payment and settlement between participants who interact within the ecosystem on the Gala Games ecosystem (for example, payment of digital goods or in-game items), and it is not, and not intended to be, a medium of exchange accepted by the public (or a section of the public) as payment for goods or services or for the discharge of a debt; nor is it designed or intended to be used by any person as payment for any goods or services whatsoever that are not exclusively provided by the issuer. GALA does not in any way represent any shareholding, participation, right, title, or interest in the Company, the Distributor, their respective affiliates, or any other company, enterprise or undertaking, nor will GALA entitle holders to any promise of fees, dividends, revenue, profits or investment returns, and are not intended to constitute securities in Singapore or any relevant jurisdiction. token may only be utilized on the Gala Games ecosystem, and ownership of GALA carries no rights, express or implied, other than the right to use GALA as a means to enable usage of and interaction within the Gala Games ecosystem.
Items held on the Ethereum blockchain can be accessed using a variety of open-source and cryptographically secure wallets and storage mechanisms. The wallet on the GALA website and in the GALA app is an open-source keyphrase secured wallet, and once you have created the wallet, only YOU have access to the funds and items stored within your wallet.
Was there a GALA ICO?
GALA has never been available for purchase directly from Gala Games and no initial coin offering (ICO) was ever held to support Gala Games or the Gala Games ecosystem. GALA is earned daily by anyone who qualifies for a token. The qualifications are designed to promote supporting the network, playing the games and sharing the games on the network. There will be a total of 50 billion GALA created.


When is GALA distributed?
For the past several weeks, we have distributed GALA on a weekly basis at about 0200 UTC on Tuesday. You need to have your node online in order to receive item distribution, but you will receive your GALA regardless of whether or not your node is online at the moment.
What is the utility of GALA?

GALA is the fuel that runs the Gala Games network. Using GALA, you can buy items from within the Gala Games ecosystem, purchase card packs at other Alliance-members like Splinterlands, or activate nodes on the Gala Games network. In the long-run, many other functionalities will be built into the network. 

What benefits could other blockchain based games gain by using GALA and joining the Gala Games ecosystem?

At Gala Games, we seek to build a broad and integrated ecosystem of gamers and blockchain enthusiasts. Unlike most blockchain-based projects, we don’t focus on blockchain first, and instead focus mostly on adoption. By joining the Gala Games Alliance, other blockchain and gaming projects can gain access to the fastest growing blockchain game community currently in existence. We are built to SCALE, and we know that in the future, the Gala Games ecosystem will continue to grow and provide even more value to those who participate in its growing decentralized economy. 

What happens to the other 75% of the coins not included in the circulating supply? Is this gradually released at the market, or planned for other use cases?

The non-circulating supply will be used for long-term ecosystem growth. The last games released when Eric Schiermeyer and Michael McCarthy worked together ended up having over 30m users, so we consider ecosystem growth hugely important. In the long run, it will be up to the community and node owners to decided how this is allocated. Its very important to recognize that Gala Games isn’t a “blockchain game company” it is a mass-driven “game company that uses blockchain.” This is a hugely important distinction. 

Why is the supply for GALA so large?

The supply only looks large given the current context. Right now with a supply in circulation of roughly 8 billion GALA, it feels too large. However, when you consider that the last game produced by Eric Schiermeyer and Michael McCarthy topped over 30m users, you can see the importance of having a large supply to engage with players. If we are able to replicate this success in our games, we will need a large supply to make it accessible to people. 8 billion GALA, spread across 30 million users is only 267 GALA per player. You can easily see how the ecosystem needs supply to be able to scale correctly. 

Can you stake GALA?

As of right now, you cannot stake GALA, however you could add GALA and Ethereum to the Decentralized Uniswap pool and receive a small % of each swap while also helping make the GALA ecosystem stronger! See more here!

Are there any GALA airdrops available?

We do not give away GALA. However, if you join Gala Games, log into your account, and click on the “Social” tab, you can gain access to your unique Gala Games Share Link. With this, you can invite people to play, teach them, trade with them, and eventually earn a point in your favor in the distribution. This is MUCH better than a crummy little airdrop!

Why am I not getting my rewards?
There could be many reasons you are not getting your rewards.
  • The first is that they have been allocated to you but not yet minted. In this case, be patient and the next minting will come as soon as fees are at an acceptable level to make it economically practical.
  • The second (if a minting took place but you still missed it) is that you may have had your node come offline during a critical junction and missed the minting. If this is the case, it may be worth examining how your system is configured or consider deploying your node on a VPS.
Why does my node not show my items?

The best place to see the distribution is not on your node itself, but rather on the site. 

Questions about Gala Game Nodes?

What is a Gala Game Node?

The Gala Game Node is how you support the Gala Network and qualify for NFTs minted on the network. 

Learn more about the Gala Games Node Ecosystem here.

What are the computational requirements for the Gala Game Node?

Right now the requirements are very light. However, in the near future, there will be additional requirements in terms of computational capacity and speed placed on nodes. Lighter nodes will likely still function, but they will be given rewards in proportion to their contribution to the network. More information will be released on this when it is available. 

What are non-fungible tokens (NFTs)?

In addition to GALA, Gala Games also creates Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), or items that can be used in-game or traded as collectables. These items have a set supply and provide immediate functionality in the games for which they are intended. These NFTs may be created by users by users expending GALA token as the ecosystem’s native medium of exchange. These NFTs are based on the ERC-1155 standard. 

Why do I have to pay ETH to mint my items?

One of the most factors in creating a truly decentralized project is putting choices in the hands of the network participants. Gala Games instituted a “mint-on-demand” model for distribution rewards because it would make it so that rewards were not dependent on ETH being supplied centrally in order for the network to function. This is a critical step towards total decentralization. 

You can read more about this transition here.

Questions about Town Star?

How can I start playing Town Star?
The best way to begin playing Town Star is to dive right in! Most of us on the team come from an era in gaming where part of the fun of the game is in figuring out all the little secrets and how to play. We have carried this time-honored tradition over into Town Star, where it is intended that you will learn and experiment. However, if you visit our Discord at, you will find MANY people who are willing to help you get started!



What are the requirements to play Town Star?
All you need to play Town Star is a computer or smartphone with an internet connection and a browser that will load the game. While there are obviously differences in performance across devices, any reasonably recent smartphone or computer shouldn’t have a problem running Town Star. 
I was supposed to receive a key/fountain/trade depot, where is it?
Due to the gas costs involved in minting new items, we have slowed the mint schedule down and will mint periodically to fill the quotas for those who earned the items. You should have it before too long, don’t worry!
What aspects of Town Star use blockchain? Is it just the NFTs, or are there other elements of the gameplay as well?
Currently, the blockchain is used to secure game assets to give users permission to place then in-game. The most notable examples of this currently are the exchange-themed farm stands and the fountains.

However, in the long run, we will be introducing a concept called “crypto-crafting” into most Gala Games titles. For this, a large number of ERC-1155 items will be combined into a single transaction and burnt, at which time a new item will be minted. Both the FarmBot and CraneBot are excellent examples of this concept.
What is the minimum level of "stars" to earn inside Town Star in order to receive GALA?

This isn’t really how points work inside of Town Star. It doesn’t matter how many points you earn in the game, they are not the same as distribution points. While we do understand that the fact the icons for distribution points and game points look similar, this will be modified in a future release. 

Questions about Mirandus?

Is there a playable version of the game yet?

No, there is currently no playable version of the game.  We are in the concept phase and moving to pre-production this year. We are targeting 2021 for the Alpha Launch for Gala Gold members.

Is there any possibility of getting involved in the beta testing in order to prepare a review of the game?*

Yes, we would love to have you come onboard as a beta tester when the time comes. We will be opening up Alpha Testing to some members of our Gala Gold when the time comes, and then bringing other members of the community in to Beta Test the game.

Will I be able to use items from Town Star in Mirandus?*

Certain items in one game will be able to be used in other games. For example, a CraneBot in Town Star, which helps build buildings within the player’s town, will be able to be used within Mirandus as a sprite that appears to aid in the construction of buildings or the harvesting of resources. If there isn’t a good fictional tie, we would still do something fun, continually adding to the value of objects from the previous games within the Gala Network.

Will players be at a disadvantage in Mirandus if they didn’t play Town Star?*

The game will be enjoyable by all, but people who have been loyal to the network and played other games will definitely receive a boost in future products.

This intro video mentioned that buying a piece of land and building a shelter on it is the only way to stay safe. Does this mean that players who choose not to spend $50 on one of the land packages can be attacked by monsters and lose their gear?*

No.  All players can be attacked by monsters outside or inside town walls, depending on the quality of the deed.  A player will never lose his gear to a monster.  Gear will stay with the player, unless they choose to sell it.  What a “death” could cost is gold, experience points, respawn delays, etc.

Is this a permanent universe? i.e. Can you be killed when offline?*

You cannot be killed offline.  When you log out, you disappear and when you come back you will be in the same position with your HP and stats as they were when you logged out.

Can players attack and capture land (or items) from other players?*

That is not currently envisioned, but there could potentially be smart-contract driven tournaments or duels.

The five citadels have a list price of $500,000. What kind of gamer is this NFT aimed at?

People who want a strong influence over the game world and have always wanted to develop their own game, but without the cost of hiring an entire development team. 

What benefits will come with the citadel?
  • Direct access to the game development team.  The five kings will help shape Mirandus and it’s features.
  • A Castle – There are only five.  They are huge “houses” with massive amounts of storage, security, and custom bespoke decorations.
  • A City – There are towns and villages, but each Citadel comes with a city.  This contains a large layout for players to place houses and shops.  The King collects taxes from players who place buildings in their city.
  • City Walls – City walls keep almost all monsters in the game out.  
  • King Powers – We have some other game changing secrets coming about kings soon.
Is Gala expecting to actually sell these five NFTs? And what is the situation if they don't sell?

We have no doubt that these will sell. In the event they don’t sell, the kingdoms will remain monarchless until someone steps up to claim their crown.

Is the supply of land inside Mirandus limited?

Yes, the supply of land is limited to the initial 1625 deeds minted.

How will future players acquire land?

The land deeds are ERC-1155’s and are transferable. Once you buy a piece of land, it is YOURS. Given that we are not minting any more land, the only way to acquire a deed after the initial supply has been exhausted is to purchase it from another player.

How does the game work for those who don't own land? Must they pay rent to those with land in order to keep playing?*

While details of exactly how all game mechanics will function is still being finalized, not owning land will not penalize you in the game and you are free to explore and wander around the game as you see fit. However, if you use services within someone else’s land, there may be in-game fees associated with it. For example, imagine staying at an inn or paying a healer in-game…just rather than paying in-game gold to an NPC, you might pay it to a player character that operates an inn or sells healing potions. The fundamental gameplay dynamic does not change, but the economic flows within the game will be fundamentally player-driven. 

* Mirandus is still in development, and some details of the game may change in the future. 

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